plaza.jpgPLAZA have announced their new single Hold, with the promise of more to come later in the year, out today on Clue Records. Hold is another great tune from this fantastic band full of guitars that swirl above you which accompanied by the dreamy vocals which allow you to lose yourself within them make for an absolutely cracking track. There’s a certain swagger about PLAZA which instantly engages you and although you could firmly put them in the indie rock category, they are definitely not derivate, and their unique sound means that 2019 could be a very exciting year from them.

You can get the single here.

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Exclusive: Watch ‘Witchita’ – The blinding new video from AlgernonCornelius

Birthday Cake For Breakfast

Tibetan Kitchen, mate? Yes.

Inspiration comes in many funny forms. For Manchester based hip-hop producer-cum-rapper AlgernonCorneliusit was a trip to the old sawbones that led to him penning the brutal lyrical assault that is ‘Witchita‘.

Against a gorgeous musical backdrop, AlgernonCornelius spits about “Tory toffs”, RBS and all sorts, all due to a quack prescribing an inhaler for a potential asthma diagnosis. Two toots on his NHS endorsed crack pipe set him off on an adrenaline rush that led to a two hour production sesh, resulting in Witchita.

Now Witchita has a visual backing to sync up with, produced by Manchester based Videographer CJ Wood. Filmed in and about Manchester, it captures the parts you might not have ventured (including my old kitchen!)

Witchita is out now through Clue Records as part of their Clue Club, a monthly subscription service where punters get music…

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This is worth a look for the sketch alone…

The Five Ws of

trash by mystupidsketchbook

Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
TRASH are Daniel Longmore (vocals, guitar), Tom Barton (bass), Evan Martin (guitar) and Bradley Weston (drums). New single Migraines, taken from their upcoming self-titled EP and produced by Alex Greaves (Nave Studios), is out now via Clue Records.

“We’re four friends and music naturally brung us together” says Dan. “When we play a show it’s essentially a night out but we get to go on stage and perform for 30 minutes and then we drink whatever’s on the rider. It keeps us sane and lets us express our feelings. Awww.”

WHAT is the inspiration behind their songs?
“We write songs about love, sex, bordem, hypochondria, escapism and youth and all the issues and joys that come with it. We try and make the songs as explicit as possible so that they’re obvious and relatable. The music is guitar music, it’s rock and roll…

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[LOOK] AVALANCHE PARTY (@avalanche_party) “I’M SO WET” Music Video

Banger + stunning video from our new boys AVALANCHE PARTY
Watch & get the tune…


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Team Picture Go Nuclear with Latest Release, ‘Air, Not Air’.

An ace write up on our latest Clue Club release! Give it a butchers…

Dirty Boots

Team Picture‘s latest release Air, Not Air’ is a precarious sonic journey into the heart of the sun.

You might need to sit down for this one. ‘Air, Not Air’ does not pull any punches.

Leeds Alt-Rock darlings Team Picture have certainly had a busy year, releasing their krautrock inspired debut ‘Birthday Blues’ just under a year ago and asserting their sound, self-described as “one part post-punk, two parts fuzz”, across the UK North. Sickeningly retro and dangerously vibrant, Team Picture are doing new things with old sounds, and they’re not finished yet.

teampicture.png Clever buggers. Handsome, too.

‘Air, Not Air’ is delivered with inebriated swagger and nuclear flashes, starring Smashing Pumpkins inspired guitars that fluidly worm their way around the meticulously crafted soundworld. Though Team Picture‘s sound maintains the hazardous energy of current Garage artists such as Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, their latest single

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Fighting Caravans / Colour Of Spring – Split Release

Huge thanks to Aural Aggravation for the kind words & thumbs up on our first Clue Club release

Aural Aggravation

Clue Club

The other day, I chipped in on a debate over split releases, which essentially revolved around the question ‘yay or nay?’ Personally, I like split singles. I commented that I would usually purchase a split release for one of the bands, but, often, subsequently get into the other.

It so happens that the first release by Clue Club, a subscription-based aspect of Clue Records features two bands I’ve seen, heard, and enjoyed immensely in the last year. Split-singles-based projects seem to be popping up with increasing frequency (see, for example, the excellent Come Play With Me), and this represents a belting start to this one.

Fighting Caravans were up there with my favourite discoveries of 2016, and probably one of the best live acts I caught all year, on all three occasions I saw them. ‘It’s a Nice Ride (To be Fair)’ is entirely representative of their brand…

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Review of the new SUNFACE EP which is out now.
Listen to it…
YouTube Video:



SUNFACE is the solo project of Daniel Longmore, from the band Trash, and he has returned with his latest release, courtesy of Clue Records, following up from last year’s acclaimed debut EP.

The EP kicks off with lead single Stay Happy, a delightful tune that swoons along beautifully as well as being more than ably aided by the sumptuous tones of Abby Bettz.  The jangly guitars of I’m Not Always Sad sees Longmore really wear his heart on his sleeve and shows that less is sometimes more in terms of words on this fine track.  Melt does exactly what it says on the tin and gives you a feeling of melting away whilst listening to this dreamy, indie pop number.

Longmore says ‘Silver Lining is about fancying the fuck out of somebody’ which does seem to be the perfect description of yet another piece of mastery from this…

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We had a great 2016 & we want 2017 to be better. To make this happen we’re starting the year with something I’ve wanted to do for a while but didn’t know how best to. We’ll be supporting different charities across the year, kicking off with Mind + Simon on the Streets.
Here’s 4 things we’re doing, feel free to support if you want to & can.
1. Every Clue Club subscription in January & February will have £5 donated to charity.
Sign up here:
2. Every Clue logo or Tommings t-shirt we sell in January & February will have 100% profits going to charity.
3. Every NARCS vinyl sold in January will have £5 donated to a charity.
4. NARCS‘ downloads on our site & Bandcamp are now Pay What You Want & 100% profit will go to charity.
Here’s a pic of me being chucked about/supported by loads of mates at our Christmas party so it sort of makes sense to pass that support on. Mind is a mental health charity & Simon on the Streets is a Leeds based charity helping rough sleepers. Both do fantastic work. You can find out more about the charities below.
Simon on the Streets:
Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout 2016 & at any point in the last 4 years. We’re 5 next year which feels like some sort of milestone so let’s have a good one yeah.
Love you all
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Me + Ste did a radio show on Chapel FM Arts Centre last night. Here it is in all it’s glory with tracks from NARCSPost War Glamour GirlsSUNFACEFoldjellyskin & my Christmas song.

Please play, share, enjoy, subscribe & smash that like button all over the place until it exists no more…

Scott xxx

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mystery-box-clueBeen treating others & deserve something yourself? Want a gift for a friend?
Head here & we’ll send you or them a gift wrapped present:
Could be a vinyl, t-shirt, CD or tape from Allusondrugs, NARCS, Forever Cult, TRASH or SUNFACE. Maybe even a subscription to Clue Club!
You’ll only find out once it’s been delivered to you!
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