Team Picture Go Nuclear with Latest Release, ‘Air, Not Air’.

An ace write up on our latest Clue Club release! Give it a butchers…

Dirty Boots

Team Picture‘s latest release Air, Not Air’ is a precarious sonic journey into the heart of the sun.

You might need to sit down for this one. ‘Air, Not Air’ does not pull any punches.

Leeds Alt-Rock darlings Team Picture have certainly had a busy year, releasing their krautrock inspired debut ‘Birthday Blues’ just under a year ago and asserting their sound, self-described as “one part post-punk, two parts fuzz”, across the UK North. Sickeningly retro and dangerously vibrant, Team Picture are doing new things with old sounds, and they’re not finished yet.

teampicture.png Clever buggers. Handsome, too.

‘Air, Not Air’ is delivered with inebriated swagger and nuclear flashes, starring Smashing Pumpkins inspired guitars that fluidly worm their way around the meticulously crafted soundworld. Though Team Picture‘s sound maintains the hazardous energy of current Garage artists such as Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, their latest single

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Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love.
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