Want to feel a bit more breeze in your slacks? Too much pressure on your sole/soul? Let us help…
Our good friend Oly took on the CRDP & has lost almost 6 stone. Here’s what he said about the CRDP…
“It’s changed my life. I feel like Tom Hanks in that film where he goes into the future where he’s big & everything’s strange & big & he’s not sure what’s happened but it’s a really big change & then he gets back to the present & he’s not big anymore & he’s learned loads of big stuff & has had a great time. I think it was called “The Man Who Got Older & Then Went Young Again””
“How does it work?” I hear you cry. Well, there are just 2 simple steps…
STEP 1: Buy a Clue Records t-shirt =
STEP 2: Exercise more, eat less, work hard, have a target, try dead hard to hit the target etc.

About Clue Records

Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love.
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