We’re promoting 10 free downloads we’ve found to make up for not giving you any in March! These are some of the finest examples of what is going on in Yorkshire & the North East right now!
allusondrugs – How High?
Swirling, brooding, hooks & amazing guitar sounds. Loads of nice things being said about these fellas & with comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Nine Black Alps & Teenage Fanclub. Plenty more to come this year.
St Gregory Orange – My Exile Year
Glitchy, pulsing & beautiful. Lovely lyrics that make you feel like you’re there with them. Another gem from Philophobia & surely an indication that the rest of the album is pretty stunning & worth a couple of quid?
Louise Distras – Shades Of Hate
Swinging from raw & confrontational to tender & beautiful throughout, Louise uses every aspect of her voice & lyrical talent perfectly here. There aren’t enough praises I can give her, someone who inspires & believes completely in what she is doing. I don’t know anyone who works harder. As well as Shades Of Hate you can get another 3 free downloads at her site.
COWTOWN – Monotone Face
Upbeat, fun & challenging you to show your emotion & maybe have a dance shall we??? Finally grown into their person suits & about to unleash one of the finest albums you’ll hear this year. This track contains some of the best hi-hattery you will ever hear! To hear a track from their album check out our podcast (https://soundcloud.com/cluerecords/clue-records-podcast-3)
Esper Scout – Shed Some Light
Esper Scout are having a manic couple of months. Playing & hosting gigs, shooting & promoting videos, recording new material & then separate side projects going on too means they never stop. This track is up for free & picks up where their live shows leave off, great harmonies over a driven backing track, building to a peak of the big riff breakdown.
Menace Beach – Drop Outs
A band making huge waves (like on a beach??? Yeah??? Yeah!!! Sorry). Fuzzed up, dreamy swirl-pop. It’s Pay What You Want so if you’re feeling generous then it’s worth sending something their way! Another track of theirs features on our monthly podcast, hear Dream Out here: https://soundcloud.com/cluerecords/clue-records-podcast-3
Wot Gorilla? – Snow White
Downbeat to upbeat in seconds, ever-twiddling & stunningly melodic. Something else live, you end up half in awe & half questioning whether there’s a backing track at play due to the tightness of it all.
B>E>A>K – Night Owls
I first saw B>E>A>K at Beacons festival last year & was blown away. Live they’ve energetic & amazing. This & ‘Get Ya Beak On’ from the B>E>A>K release ‘The Blue Edition’ are unbelievably good. This is the fourth edition they’ve put out (check out the Yellow, White & Red editions too, all free!). The band features members of Field Music, Razmattaz Lorry Excitement, This Ain’t Vegas & The Lake Poets.
Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister – Babies
Dark. Broods & builds really slowly into an atmospheric drone ball. Stunning vocals just float perfectly over the top of it all.
Just Handshakes – London Bound
A newly shaped Just Handshakes have set a firm marker down for their new material. London Bound has echoes of New Order with beautiful dreamy vocals riding right over the top. Extremely catchy & an amazing slice of what credible indie-pop music can be.

About Clue Records

Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love. http://www.cluerecords.com/
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