We’ve pulled together another bunch of free downloads for you. We’re covering Yorkshire with acts from Hull, Leeds & Wakefield (with a bit or a detour through NY!) but we’ve also found some tracks from artists south of the border who will be appearing in Leeds & Wakefield soon! Enjoy & share!
Public Service Broadcasting – New Dimensions In Sound
More excellent stuff from PSB. They’re continuing to sample spoken word from ye olden days & it’s continuing to work. This is beautifully put together & pulls you in to a dream like state with the intricate, hypnotic plucked strings & soothing bass before exploding with distorted guitars; building & building until the climactic ending. They’re playing at the Hop in Wakefield on Sunday March 10th alongside WTCHRS & the brilliant Fold who we’ve featured previously on our first podcast. Sure to be a brilliant night.
Yannick – Physical
This track is swoony. Lush layered guitars tempt you in gently & then the smooth gets broke by a great jumpy drum pattern & great vocals. It all sits beautifully & sticks around for just long enough to want more when it drops out & ends. If they can keep producing tracks like this & No Lust (another brilliant free download) then I’m excited about their album.
Ghostpoet – MSI MUSMID
Didn’t start as a free download but Mr Poet had a rather interesting way of enabling this to become free. He intended to let it be downloaded for free once it had been re-posted 1000 times on SoundCloud. It reached just under 800 re-posts in a week & he decided that was good enough so it’s there! This is the first track to emerge since his amazing debut album & he’s set the bar pretty high with this tale of arguing dimsum. He’s an amazing artist & is playing at the Wakefield based Long Division festival in June & also the Brudenell in May!
Dinosaur Pile-Up – Lip Hook Kiss
They’ve been away a while but these gents from Leeds return with this slab of fuzzed out grunge & a great vocal melody hanging right over the top of it. Still echoes of Foo Fighters, Dinosaur Jr & a bit of Nine Black Alps in there but those are all complements surely? A sign of heavy things to come in the next few months.
Exclamation Pony – Rumours
I’m coming to the realisation that The Cribs are one of my favourite ever bands, therefore, this Jarman project is always going to have an unfair advantage from me. However it’s great on its own terms. It’s not a million miles away from Wakefields finest, mainly due to the distinct vocals & jangling guitar from Ryan. But the lovely backing vocals & occasional weird synth noise separates it from the acerbic reflections of The Cribs. Go get it & make up your own mind, it’s free!!

About Clue Records

Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love. http://www.cluerecords.com/
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