Episode 3: January

Happy New Year. Here’s some more free delights for you:

METZ – Wet Blanket

Ferocious, pounding, driving & intense track from one of the finest albums of 2012. On the day of posting (30.1.13) I am awaiting their live show at The Brudenell in Leeds this evening. Can. Not. Wait.

imp – Cryptic & Fictitious

Another of the crop of amazing Wakefield bands churning out amazing tracks right now! What’s in the water over there? Brilliant live & captured brilliantly on record here too. Something of early Idlewild in there but there’s something refreshingly unique about this band.

Harper Simon – Bonnie Brae

If you like Elliott Smith you should love this track. It has a wonderful driving rhythm to it & the vocals & lyrics are great. To be fair it’s insanely close to Elliott Smith & could go either way of you loving it or getting wound up at the similarities but we say love it. And if you’ve never heard of Elliott Smith then after enjoying this & dig into the ES back catalogue. Many a reward in there!

The Chapman Family – ADULT

Ok, we seem a bit obsessed with The Chapman Family here at Clue but that’s because they’re unbelievably brilliant. This track is the perfect teaser for their live shows throughout February starting at The Hop in Wakefield on March 7th, a gig we’ll be going to! Check out the video too, it’s excellent!

Vinyl Williams – Haunted!

Experimental, intriguing & spaced out. This Vinyl Williams track is worth 5 minutes of time from anyone. Constantly develops into this sprawling sound & when he finally hits the vocals you’re hooked. He’s got a ton of other stuff on Soundcloud for free too.


About Clue Records

Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love.
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