Episode 2: December


Blood Red Shoes – Black Distractions

They’re 3 albums in & still sounding as amazing as ever. This track comes from their new EP ‘Water’ which will be released on January 21st. Distorted guitars, beautiful harmonies & melodies, riffs & devil summoning lyrics. What’s not to like?

Witch Hunt – Chairman

Brand new Leeds based 2-piece are making a racket & sound like a pie fight between The Kills, early PJ Harvey, the Dead Weather & the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Chairman is a brilliantly dense & involving track, pulsing & pulling you in.

These Men – Is There Another Lonely Sweetheart This Christmas Eve?

I fell in love with The Futurehead’s ‘Rant’ album in 2012. This is like a hidden treasure B-side-should-have-been-A-side track!

I’ve got no more information on them other than they’re something to do with Philophobia Music who are an amazing label based in Wakefield who home the Runaround Kids, imp, St. Gregory Orange & loads more.

FAO These Men: if you’re thinking this is a one-off, please do not. Make it full time, write more songs, go on tour & make this happen. If you need another member please let me know. I will travel seas to be part of it!

Los Campesinos – A Doe To A Deer

It’s Christmas so we’ve added another festive treat in here. A band that have always bubbled around the brim of amazingness. This tune is a stirring seasonal treat & a perfect way to let Christmas in without having to listen to Michael Buble. Although please still listen to MB, it wouldn’t be Christmas without his big potato face.

Shaun W Keaveny – The Cheddar Cheese Song

BBC Radio 6 Breakfast show host turned anthem peddler. This is a wonderful ditty dedicated to the wonderful world of Cheddar Cheese! You know when your Nanna says ‘What songs from today will they be able to sing on bus holidays in 30 years?” you can sing this back to her.

Pulled together with an all-star cast featuring members of Menswear & Level 42! Yes we are being serious. I think.


About Clue Records

Clue Records is an independent DIY record label, podcaster & promoter based in Leeds. It is run by Scott Lewis with help from Steven Langton. We want to promote, help & support bands we love.
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